Sample of recent projects:

Translation review and software localization for a major US search engine

Translation of sports and adventure articles for

Translation of articles:

Articles for Yoga Journal (practice)


Translations economics:

Lectures and audio-programmes "MBA in one day"



Translation of books:

"You are your own gym" (Riva Verlag)

"Cardio Strength Training (Riva Verlag)


Editing of books:

The 10 Minute Total Breakthrough" (Riva Verlag)

"Inner Wise" (Allegria Verlag)

"Goal Mapping" (Allegria Verlag)

diverse Bücher für Amra Verlag


Translation and editing of fashion, lifestyle, public relations and marketing texts:

The Northface, Oakley, Mont Blanc, Luxury Hotel, Street One, Suit Supply, Vans


Other thematic priorities:

Online casinos, pharma (market research)


Translation of public relation texts for movies:

"American Pie - reunion"

"Robin Hood"

"Up in the Air"


"The lovely Bones"

"Kick Ass"

"How to train your dragon"


Translation voice-over TV shows:


"Winter X-Games"

"Ticket to ride"

"Foam to Finish"


"The Dudesons Movie"

"Born to run"

"Final Fu"

"Ride Guide Snow"

"Ride Guide Mountainbike"

"Sports Jobs"

"Tread BMX"

"BMX Megatour"


Other current projects:

editing and proof-reading of texts from the health sector